HIDROCOR - Colors Description


Yes, Hidrocor Quartzo with there relatively high opacity cover dark brown eyes well and will give you the most natural grey eyes with a hint of blue. 

Want to make a statement and be one of the first in your group to have amazing colored lenses? Cristal is a light minty grey shade that makes people take notice. This color strikes the perfect balance between a natural look with no limbal ring and an astounding pop of color.  

Have you always wanted a contact lens that’s light enough to be intriguing but still offers a natural look at it? Mel delivers exactly what you need, with a pistachio green lens that accents just about any complexion. One of our best sellers without a limbal ring, Mel is a hit with lens wearers around the world!

This give off a warm glow with a special light brown shade, yet in natural daylight shift to a gray tone. This look comes without a limbal ring to present a more natural style and is one of our best sellers. Add the Ocre lenses to your collection for some fun color variation!

A true hazel color is complex and rich, with deeper brown tones highlighted with flecks of yellow. Our Avela contact lenses bring this beautiful shade in a natural look without a limbal ring. As one of our best sellers, Hidrocor Avela looks lovely on everyone.

Hidrocor Ambar is a gorgeous olive green that blends into a pretty yellow color. Ambar will accent lighter eye colors beautifully. This lens comes without a limbal ring for a more subtle and natural look. Ambar is one of our best sellers, so be sure to order yours today.

Colored contact lenses just got more exciting with the Ice shade by Hidrocor. Designed without a limbal ring for a smoother look, Ice is a light blue color that almost looks white in certain lighting. They work best with those who already have lighter colored eyes but can create a striking style on just about anyone. Ice is a lovely color that transitions well between days at the office and stylish nights out on the town!

Solotica Hidrocor has once again perfected natural grey eye color with the Grafite lenses, a mixture of blue and grey that looks incredibly soft and lovely. Made without a limbal ring, this color is a perfect mixture of cool tones that compliment anyone’s style. For a unique color that’s sure to turn heads, try Grafite today.

Do you want your eyes to pop with color yet at the same time have a natural appearance? If so, Topazio lenses are just the thing for you! A stunning bright blue without a limbal ring, they fade into a hint of yellow and are one of our top sellers.

A bold and ethereal green can be yours with Verde contact lenses by Hidrocor. This striking color will make everyone’s head turn and take notice, as its beautiful design looks natural and lovely. Crafted without a limbal ring, Verde lenses complement all complexions and will make others green with envy. Now, stunning green eyes can be yours day or night, as these lenses wear well for any occasion.

As blue as the deepest ocean in the world, Azul lenses offer a pure shade that’s rarely matched. Giving you a burst of color while remaining very natural looking, this color comes without a limbal ring and can make lighter eyes look even more pigmented. Azul will give you those baby blues you’ve always wanted!

Love having green eyes but want to play them up a bit more? Esmeralda offers the best of both worlds, with a beautiful shade of green fading softly to a bright yellow just around the pupil. These lenses come without a limbal ring to create a natural and vibrant look.