LENSEE NATURAL - Colors Description

CRISTAL LIGHT is a transparent grey that will completely change your look. Our inspiration comes from the shooting stars that flood the Canadian sky in summer. Let your eyes become stars!  

HUSKY BLUE is a brand new color that we launched in 2020. Our main inspiration is clearly the Siberian Husky dogs with their blue eyes. Wear it only if you want to glow with your deep blue eyes.

DESERT HAZEL represent the Okanagan desert, a 50km stretch of hazel/caramel sand in British Colombia. This color is perfect if you want to lighten your eyes and bring a little change to your look. 

GREEN LEAF is a natural green that reminds us of the great stretch of Canadian forests. It’s the favorite color of brunettes and they enhance your eyes when you have a nice tan. 

DIAMOND GRAY is a color that we developed after visiting the diamond mines of Ekati and Diavk in the north-west. A mix of gray and blue that gives a sensational results on any type of eyes.

QUARTZO DIAMOND is a mix of gray and yellow. For us it represents Yellowknife, the capital and only city in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Why? Simply because the color reminds us of the polar lights that we can see there.