NATURAL COLORS - Colors Description

Solotica Natural Colors Quartzo gives you the best of all worlds, with blue, grey, and a hint of yellow accenting this amazing color contact lens. A defined limbal ring enhances its youthful appearance as this lens creates a wow factor of color. Change up your entire style and go for something new with Quartzo! 

Tired of the same eye color day after day? Now you can wear lenses that defy the imagination, as Cristal combines mint green and grey tones for a truly one of a kind style to achieve a gray green eyes. With darker color accents throughout and a subtle limbal ring, your eyes will look natural and soft yet will command attention with their unique shade. For those who like to push the boundaries of what fashion and beauty look like, Cristal is perfect for you.

When you want to change your look, and lighten up your eye color, you’ll find that Mel gives you everything you want. A light pistachio green blends with dark accents and a subtle limbal ring, offering a shade that’s natural, youthful, and rare. Those who wear Mel will get compliments left and right, and everyone will want to know how you achieved your stunning look. Grab these best sellers today and experience a whole new style with Mel!

Blending shades of brown, grey, and even a hint of green, Natural Colors Ocre lenses provide a burst of natural looking color that changes depending on the lighting you’re in. This bestselling color combines a soft limbal ring with color-rich accents to make it a bold and deep tone, while also offering a youthful look. Ocre can look brown or grey depending on your surroundings, so it’s truly the epitome of a multitasking beauty tool. This popular color is beautiful on light and dark skin tones and brings a little bit of mystery to your style.

Bold brown eyes always seem to be the center of attention, and you too can achieve this dramatic color with Avela. A rich chestnut blended with a soft limbal ring, Avela looks deep and complex while keeping your look very natural. This bestselling color contact lenses work well for all complexions.

Bold and beautiful olive green and golden colors are what make Ambar one of our best sellers. A subtle limbal ring and darker accents make this color more impactful and stand out among the crowd. If you’re looking for an earthy and pretty color, Natural Colors Ambar is perfect for you.

Icy blue eyes that look fresh and defined are always in style when it comes to the beauty world, and Ice combines these ideas into a lens that’s beautifully magical. Offering a pale blue that almost looks frosted, its darker limbal ring creates depth and structure. Ice complements every skin tone and works well for daytime or evening styles.

Want to enhance your already blue eyes or make a complete transition to a different eye color? Now you can with Grafite, a lovely mixture of neutral blue and soft grey that looks beautiful on every skin tone. Loved by beauty influencers around the world, Grafite will steal the show each time you wear this amazing color. A soft limbal right makes these color contact lenses look young and fresh, while dark accents amp up the color intensity. Try them today for a fun style!

To achieve bright blue eyes as the ocean, try Topazio with its blue tones that fade to a sparkling yellow around the pupil. This shade looks vibrant and youthful on anyone, as its soft limbal ring and dark lens accents make them pop. Topazio isn’t for the faint of heart, so try them today if you want to go bold!

Achieving deep green eyes can be hard to do, but with Verde, you’ll see stunning results the moment you put them on. These lenses are a true green color that bring a depth of color with a subtle limbal ring and stunning color accents. Beauty influencers and daily lens wearers alike will appreciate the youthful glow that comes from Verde, as this tone looks amazing on both men and women of any age. If you want to take your look to the next level, order Verde today and get ready for people to compliment your stunning eyes.

Piercing blue eyes can now be yours with a lens color that’s natural yet exotic at the same time. Azul blends shades of lighter and darker blue to create a youthful look thanks to its soft limbal ring. Contact lens wearers of all skin tones will love having this style in their collection.

Natural Colors Esmeralda brings natural tones and blends them with intense color to create a one of a kind look. A deep emerald green is highlighted by flecks of yellow while a soft limbal ring defines your eyes and offers a youthful lift. Capturing earthy tones that look good on any skin tone, Esmeralda just might be your new favorite.